Our Firm

Over the years, we worked hard to manage our family (2 daughters), our lives and our careers but never lost sight of our dream to own and operate a business.  We were always thinking ahead by saving, investing and insuring our future with the ultimate goal of being financially independent by age 50.  Like many professional couples we used a financial advisor from one of the big brokerages and were ultimately disappointed.  Seeing our hard earned savings decline during the bear market of 2000-2003 was a powerful motivator for us to become more involved, more educated and better investors.

In 2002, we quickly had to go from motivated and engaged in optimizing our personal financial future to jumping into action to help our mothers who were widowed and declining in health. We took the steps of establishing budgets, consolidating assets and improving their portfolios through better diversification.  Our work gave our mothers the peace of mind that their best interests were being served.  It was through these difficult times that we realized our business needed to be about helping others through sound financial planning and investing in the same way we helped family members.

Since establishing our business in 2004, Integrity Wealth Management (IWM) has steadily grown to include serving clients all across the country.  Our clients are just as important to us as the family members who inspired the business.  It is our mission to help our clients ensure their financial futures while taking the worry, stress and confusion out of the process.  Peace of mind for today and beyond.